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Awards received

  • 2013, Premio de Pintura Art Fest Doral
  • 2007, 1er Premio.Premio Bereschit. Salon de Paisaje.Santiago de Cuba
  • 2004, 1er Premio Seminario Provincial Martiano.Asociacion Hermanos Saiz
  • 2003, 1er Premio Expo 13 de marzo.Galeria Enrique Maranon. ISP Frank País García.Santiago de Cuba
  • 2003, Premio Colateral.Exposicion por la jornada de la Cultura Cubana.Teatro Heredia.Santiago de Cuba. Cuba.
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Tony Rodriguez(Juan Antonio Rodriguez Olivares) was born in Santiago de Cuba in 1980.He is a Painter,illustrator , and Curator. He has been called, a Painter of reflections. He was a professor and member of prestigious juries in the context of the visual arts. He's considered by many as one of the leading artists of Generation 00. In addition to exhibiting extensively in Cuba and the U.S. , he has also exhibited in Latin America, the Dominican Republic, and Eastern and Western Europe . He uses towers, buildings, machines and other objects, to represent the world, liberty, history and the human experience. His drawing and composition are aggressively executed. Since 2000, Rodriguez has won several awards. His works have been exhibited in the Havana Biennal in 2009 and many important galleries in Cuba and Europe. Rodriguez' works are part of prestigious collections, such as, Luciano Benetton and the Hispanic Cultural Center in Miami.

Collective Exhibitions  

2017: "LA Art Show, Los Angeles Modern Contemporary Art Show", Los Angeles Convention Center. LA, California.

2016:" Art Spectrum Miami " :Booth 513, Miami, Fl. USA  .

2016: "The Afterlife of Color ". Milander Art Center . Hialeah, Miami. Fl  .

2015:" Retratos, Paisajes y Cotidianidades.Miradas intimas de Cuba", Edificio Cataluña de la Residencia Cardenal Cisneros, de la Universidad de Alcalá de Henares , España.

2015:  "Map of New Art" (ImagoMundiArt, Benetton Collection) FONDAZIONE GIORGIO CINI, Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice. Italy

2015: "Wish you were here" (Un- Send Project) in the Mississippi Kunst og Kultur Hvidbjerg, Thyholm - Denmark.

2014: "Imago Mundi" (Benetton Collection). The Art of Humanity.Casa Dei Carraresi.Treviso, Italy

2014: "8th Hispanic Heritage Art Exhibit" Orlando City Hall. Orlando, Fl. USA

2014: "Art Exhibit Hispanic Bag". Milander Center for Arts. Hialeah, Miami, Fl. USA

2014: "Monna Lisa Reinterpretations". Obrapia Fine Art Gallery, Miami, Fl.USA

2013: "The Magic of Magic Time". Magnetism Art Gallery. 8th Street Miami, Fl. USA

2013: "Art Exhibit Hispanic Bag". Milander Center For Arts .Hialeah, Fl. Miami.USA

2013: "Collective Unique Artist Exhibition, Paint and Sculpt". Cocunut Grove. Miami, Fl.USA

2013: "INCOGNITO at Friends of Art 2013". Naples Museum of Art, Naples.Fl USA.

2012: "The 17th annual INTERNATIONAL BALLET FESTIVAL OF MIAMI" Paragon Gallery. Winwood. Miami, FL USA

2012: "A cortadito at Calle 8", Cremata Gallery. The Cuban diaspora Cafe project. Miami, Fl. USA

2012: "Homage to Don Quixote," Galindo & Chuy Gallery. Miami, Fl.USA

2012: "Masterworks .International Contemporary Art" Art [-]l.USA Artopia

2012: "Sauma Art Gallery Night Gallery" Bird [-]l. USA

2012: "Artist of New Generation" Museum.Miami Coral Gables, Fl. USA

2011. "International Art Show". Lizarran Restaurant. Coral Gables. Fl.USA

2011. "International Art Show". International Airport Hotel Miami City. Doral. Miami. Fl.USA

2011. "Cuban and Latin America Show". Artopia Art [-]l.USA

2011: "International Art Festival in the city of Doral." Carlos Albizu University. [-]SA

2011: "Exhibition of Cuban Art abroad". Concepts and Methods gallery. Hialeah .Fl. USA

2011: "Landscapes". Light Space & Time Gallery. Miami. Fl. USA

2009: "Project on Ernesto Che Guevara and Jose Marti" sponsored by the Office of the Curator of Havana together with the Art Video program of the Cuban TV.

2009: "Around the World" L'Artchipel, National Stage of Guadeloupe, Maracaibo. Venezuela.

2009: "The North" ... Kajasov Gallery. Moscow. Russia

2008: "Despite" .Photo Universal Art. Council of Plastic Arts Provincial.Santiago Cuba.Cuba 2008: "The best of contemporary plastic Santiago" "Palacio Salcines" Guantanamo.

2007: "All or Nothing" .Photo Parallel 23, Sao Paulo.Brasil

2007: "City Hall of Santiago de Cuba" in homage to the Santiago culture and Caribe.Cuba Festival

1st National Exhibition 2007. "For an image of Antonio Maceo". Elvira Cape Provincial Library. Santiago de Cuba. Cuba

2007. "Interior My Landscape". Modena Gallery. Italy.

2007. "Provincial Exhibition of Landscape". Universal art gallery. Santiago de Cuba

2007. "Those who come to me." Gallery Palacio del Conde House Lombillo. Office of the Historian of Havana. Cuba

2006: "The Guardians." Gallery Oriente.Santiago of Cuba.Cuba

2006: "Provincial Hall of landscape" with representative artists of the Santiaguera plastic. Art Gallery of Cuba.Cuba Universal.Santiago

2006 "Exhibition" in the gallery of the School of Art Instructors "Pepito Tey". Santiago de Cuba.

2006 "Exhibition" with artists representing the city of Santiago de Cuba. Cultural Association Antonio Bravo Correoso.Cuba

2006: "Group Exhibition" at the Gallery of the University of East. Santiago de Cuba.Cuba

2005: "Group Exhibition Marti National Youth Seminar" at the Gallery of the School of Art Instructors. Hundred fires

2005: "The art of appropriation". Servando Cabrera Gallery. Havana. Cuba

2005: "Marti Provincial Exhibition" at the Gallery of the University of East. Santiago de Cuba.Cuba

2005: "Collective exhibition with artists representing the old Santiago plastic", Gallery East. Santiago de Cuba. Cuba

2005: "Provincial Exhibition November 30," Universal Art Gallery. Santiago de Cuba.Cuba

2005: "Salon of Small Format", Gallery El Zaguán. Santiago de Cuba.Cuba

2004: "Collective Expo" Library José Antonio Echeverria. Santiago de cuba.Cuba

2004: "Exhibition of Fine Arts" Gallery "Francisco Martinez Anaya". Santiago de Cuba.Cuba

2004 "Exhibition at the Hermanos Saiz Association". Santiago de Cuba.Cuba

2004: "Wolf a hair", Gallery The Acacia.Ciudad Havana. Genesis project. Cuba

2003: "Collective Expo" Library José Antonio Echeverria. Santiago de Cuba.Cuba

2003: "Collective Expo March 13," Heredia Theater. Santiago de Cuba. Cuba

2003: "Exhibition for the day of Cuban Culture" Heredia Theater. Santiago de Cuba. Cuba

2002: "Collective Expo", Gallery La Confronta. UNEAC .Santiago of Cuba.Cuba

2002: "Collective Latin American Youth Art Expo", Fordham Gallery. London. (England)

2001: "Group Exhibition Silkscreen" Heredia Street. Santiago de Cuba. Cuba

1999: "Hall December 7" Plastic Arts Gallery Enrique Maranon. ISP Frank País García. Santiago de Cuba. Cuba

Personal Exhibitions

2015: "New Worlds" Teatro Gallery Room threshold Spring, Lavapies, Madrid. Spain

2013: "Alternative Visions" Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center. Miami. Fl.USA

2011: "Parallel Worlds" Galindo & Chuy Gallery. 8. Street [-]SA

2010: "Nothing is Impossible" Hillary framming Gallery.Miami. Fl.USA

2010: "The last celebration" World Art Gallery. Key West. Fl. USA

2010: "XXI Century Evolution." Universal.Consejo Art Gallery of Fine Arts Provincial.Santiago Cuba.Cuba.

2010: "La Vie en Rose" Zabriskie Galerie.Varsovia. Poland

2009: "Shelters of time." Collateral to the 10th Havana Biennial, Cities of the World Gallery. Vedado. Plaza de la Revolution. Havana. Cuba

2008: "Structuring the future landscape" Universal art gallery. Santiago de Cuba. Cuba.

2008: "Journey to the Center of the Earth", Gallery Council of the Arts Plásticas.Ciego Avila. Cuba

2008: "The journey of a city", Gallery Saint Honore. Paris. France

2008: "The journey of a city," Art Center Munich. Germany.

2007: "Falling Angels" Art Instructors School. Santiago de Cuba. Cuba

2007: "Calligraphy" Charles Chaplin Gallery. City Habana.Cuba

2006: "For myself," Castillo del Morro San Pedro de la Roca. Santiago de Cuba.Cuba

2006: "My cities" Weiss Gallery, Kassel, Germany.

2005: "Ache Pa Ti" Cultural Association Antonio Bravo rubbery. Santiago de Cuba. Cuba

2005: "Beings ends", French Alliance Santiago de Cuba. Cuba

2005: "Sphinxes of war". House of Culture of the Habana.Cuba Playa.Ciudad.

2004: "The Shadow Chords" Elvira Cape Provincial Library. Santiago de Cuba.Cuba

2004: "The end justifies the means", Gallery La Confronta. UNEAC. Santiago de Cuba.Cuba

2002: "But do not take me back," Enrique Maranon Gallery. ISP Frank País García. Santiago de Cuba. Cuba

2000: "Performance Solo exhibition", Gallery Enrique Maranon. ISP Frank País García. Santiago de Cuba. Cuba


2012: Art Auction in Event Amigos For Kids. Miami. Fl.USA

2011: International Art Fair City


Atmospheres art donated in 2006. Elementary Schools Cubanas: Clodomira Acosta and Abel Santamaria (Caney). Santiago de Cuba. Cuba

2006: Works donated to Special Schools Development Center School "January 28". City Mar, Santiago de Cuba.Cuba

2005: mural painting donated in the Historic District El Tivoli. Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.

2004: Works donated to the FORUM of Pedagogy with teachers Santiago. (Santiago de Cuba).

2003: Mural developed in the Anti-Imperialist Tribunal (Amphitheatre Mariana Grajales) Santiago de Cuba.Cuba

2003: Poster presentation prepared for the vocal group Divas. Exhibited at the Diego Velazquez Museum. (Museum of Cuban Historic Environment). Santiago de Cuba and later auctioned for charity.


2007: 1st Prize at the Provincial Exhibition of Landscape. (Bereshit Award) Universal Art Gallery Santiago de Cuba.

2004: 1st Prize at the Youth Seminar Marti Provincial Expo. (Saiz Brothers Association).

2003: 1st Prize in the collective Expo March 13. (Teatro Heredia) .Santiago of Cuba. Cuba

Collateral Exhibition prize for the day of Cuban Culture, sponsored by the Universidad de Oriente. (Teatro Heredia) .Santiago of Cuba. Cuba


His work is part of important collections worldwide such as the prestigious Italian businessman Luciano Benetton and the Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center. Flores also Carbonell Collection in Miami and Naples Art Museum in the city of Naples, Florida, United States.

In addition to private collections in Brazil, USA, Mexico, Germany, Holland, Spain, Venezuela, Italy, Panama, England, Poland, Switzerland and Austria.

She has donated many works for Major Health Institutions in the province of Santiago de Cuba and in Cuba.

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